How it works?

  • The element radiates heat
  • Radiation is absorbed by all surfaces in the room and then spread further
  • Now all surfaces, objects and walls heat up the surrounding area

10.000 nm IR-Technology

The image shows the difference in heat flow between
regular convection heating and infrared heating. Thanks to the patented 10.000 nm carbon hybrid technology, heat is distributed evenly and efficiently throughout your home. The heat reaches up to 10 meters and 360 degrees around the unit, with the lowest energy consumption in the infrared heating market.

Carbon hybrid?

Thanks to the patented "Carbon technology”, you heat like the sun.

One Example;


You feel cold in your hands. What do you do? You probably blow on them to warm them up. You feel the warm air, but as soon as you stop blowing, the warming effect disappears. However, if you take a warm stone and hold it in your hands, you feel how the heat from the stone warms your hands for a much longer time. The warming effect does not disappear as quickly as when you blow on your hands. Similarly, that how our heating elements work. They heat up all surfaces, which then release the heat when the thermostat turns off the heating element.

  • Case study

    Here you can learn more about a case study and an example calculation for a fully equipped house with our heaters....
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Our Solution Partners

Our eco2heat® heaters work with different thermostats, from manual to advanced systems controlled via smart home apps.We offer options from Salus, Fibaro, and Qubino. Contact us to find the best fit for your needs.